Traffic Cones

The bright Traffic Cones are visible from afar and the white fluorescent stripes ensure that the Traffic Cone is not only during the day but also at night to see excellently. Contact Plastics supplies and sells Traffic Cones of the highest standard. All our Traffic Cones come with guarantees and we will ensure your satisfaction with regards to both our Traffic Cones and excellent service. Browse our Traffic Cones products to get all the relevant information and images you need to choose the products you require.

Traffic Cones are often fitted with reflective strips to increase its visibility during low light and bad weather. For optimal visibility, bright orange, red, or yellow Traffic Cones are used for road control. These pylons are therefore already highly visible, regardless of the weather or the ambient light. Road cones are often used at roadblocks and road channelling into specific lanes. In these instances, the Traffic Cones also serve to warn motorists of slow-moving or stationary vehicles ahead. From this information, it quickly becomes clear that such Road Cones, as available from Contact Plastics, have many uses.

Traffic Cones direct the movement of cars in highways, road and avenues. Orange atoms of infrastructure coalesce into transient patterns that guide us towards where we should go, as Traffic Cones caution us away from where we should not. Sometimes there are many orange cones, arranged in compositions and configurations across roads. Sometimes they’re alone, like a sentinel protecting us from danger. Orange road cones make their edits upon the city, establishing and establishing the mutable and fragmentary boundaries of the built environment.

Road cones demarcate construction sites by signifying pending changes; local improvement to public infrastructure or personal property, which itself is a signifier of progress… evidence of a civilization moving forward, against entropy, as measured in miles, by its roads, paths, and places that one can go.

Traffic Cones demarcate the conditions of possibility by defining and enforcing the conditions of the road. Traffic Cones allow officer to do work on roads effectively without closing roads down. These open signifiers are often augmented by signs that elaborate on their meaning with texts and symbols, but these signs, unlike orange road cones, are strictly constrained in what they can say. Road cones afford much more variation, like a language with one character. That single character can produce boundless adaptations of meanings.

 Traffic Cones share the road with other open signifiers — other one-word languages — which are open to their own variations and elaborations. And yet, they operate unequivocally. Orange road cones adapt themselves to the needs at hand. Like the honk of car horns, which remind us that with one note one can express a full range of emotional valances.

Traffic Cones offer affordances for detours. They are totems of the social relations manifested in the order of things. Their authority lies in their appeal to safety, their appeal to order. This authority confers these humble, yet potent, objects with significance.

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