Safety cones

What do you know about Safety Cones? Apart from the usual notion that they are used as a road control device, you may be surprised with the numerous ways that you can use them. Extremely durable, portable, brightly coloured, and undoubtedly a great attention catcher, these Safety Cones or road cones are your perfect partner in boosting safety measures to an even higher level.

A common Safety Cone can be seen virtually everywhere – from high danger zones like construction sites, to crowded roads, and even corridors and hallways. Be it indoors or outdoors, you’ll always find the safety cones very helpful in keeping work hazards. And maybe, you’ll even be more surprised about how extensively these tools can be.

Safety Cones to controlling road flow

This is generally the most common way road cones are used. Easily recognizable and highly conspicuous, these road devices are great in providing an immediate warning about possible road obstructions or even just to designate proper road lanes. What’s even better, there are road cones with high visibility and reflective features to make them just as effective and useful at night.

Safety Cones to warn of hazards and dangerous situations

A Safety Cone can provide a brief reminder to pedestrians or motorists to proceed with extra caution. Especially on the road and construction sites, the sight of a safety cone is warning enough of a visual warning for people to avoid possible dangers.

Safety Cones for marking off restricted areas

Do you need to limit access to an area or control a crowd of by-standers or visitors waiting in line? You can use Safety Cones and barricades to temporarily block areas and establish proper boundaries. In addition, these devices are portable so you can use them as needed and put them in storage for future use when you’re done.

Safety Cones to provide safety messages.

Floor stands and cones are very cost-effective when it comes to providing safety warnings and messages. You can use them in hallways and corridors to inform people of wet floors, slippery surfaces, or closed off areas, to name a few. To make it even more convenient and functional, you can instantly turn your Safety Cones. Just mount a sign on top of your cone to make your safety sign more visible and noticeable to your employees and visitors.

Safety Cones for props.

You’re probably surprised to find out that aside from being used as a safety tool, cones can also add spice to your office or home interior. If your sense of style is more daring and unconventional and would like something interesting and uncommon, you can make use of multi-coloured cones to give your room a more exciting look.

These are just few of the numerous ways you can use road cones. If you’re open to being resourceful and creative, you can find endless ways of putting these devices into use. But whether you’re using safety cones for pedestrians or traffic purposes or as a creative tool, make sure that you carefully choose a cone in the right material, size, and style to fit your needs. Invest in Safety Cones from Contact plastics which you can buy from


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