Road cones

Contact plastics has been engaged with the manufacturing of Road Cones and road safety hardware for more than 30 years, road cones to protect motorists from road maintenance zones, and safety plastic products for barricade.

Road Cones are normally utilised outside amid road work or different circumstances requiring road cones for redirection or pre-emptive guidance of risks, or to avoid of road. Road Cones are used to mark where children play and where they are restricted. For evening time, use or low-light circumstances road cones are generally fitted with a retro reflective sleeve to expand perceivability. Sometimes, Road Cones may be fitted with glimmering lights for a similar reason. Contact plastics makes answers for its customers in the development, building, mining and road divisions.

Road Cones are cone formed markers that are utilised to divert road or footfall in a protected way and can likewise caution of risks. Road Cones are bright and reflective, so they are unmistakable around evening time in addition to they are ordinarily shaded red or orange with white level stripes. At the point when the notice Road Cones are utilized inside, inside open structures, they are yellow and named to advise general society of a specific peril. Road cones are solid and intended to withstand every climate condition in addition to the base of the cone is weighted to guarantee it stays upstanding and stationary.

Our road cones are:

•             heights are accessible to suit your necessities and the range is accessible from 60 mm to 1 m

•             heavy-based road cones are steady and stay upstanding in blustery climate conditions.

•             The delicate road cones territory is accessible in an assortment of hues including the wide-spread Orange.

road cones.

•             Armco cones are conservative and offer an incentive for cash

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