Standard Delineators

Our core offering for delineators includes a range of fixed blade units backed by 15 years of quality testing and experience.

In this range we offer both injection molded bases (manufactured from virgin material) as well as compression molded bases composed of 100% recycled material.

Our blades are injection molded and are available in a variety of sizes to suit your application. All blades are date stamped, allowing our customers to track wear and tear.

Our standard bases include the following:

  • Lightweight injection molded (900 g)
  • Press-molded (3,5 kg)
  • Press-molded (4,5 kg)
  • Press-molded (10 kg)

All of our standard range blades fit the above-mentioned bases and are available blank, single-side taped or double-side taped:

  • 800×200 blade
  • 1000×200 blade