Orange road cones

These Orange Road Cones are used on a road or highway (as for indicating an area under repair. Our most economical cone is the solid orange PVC cone, made from 100% virgin PVC materials.  Orange Road Cones are designed for all-weather performance and a long life will stand up to full-time use in road zones, general use in city areas, around airports or events. Orange Road Cones are available with or without reflective collars and/or custom logos or markings.

If you drive on or walk near public roads like city roads or highways, then you have probably encountered in several Orange Road Cones. Construction workers have many road channelizing devices to help direct road patterns around dangerous areas. The primary role of the Orange Road Cones is to warn drivers about upcoming dangers in the road or immediate areas. Orange Road Cones have been proven to increase awareness for drivers while also improving the safety for pedestrians, drivers, and construction workers. There are many different types of Orange Road Cones that can be used in a variety of situations. Orange Road Cones are part of a comprehensive effort to make public transportation safer and more efficient as drivers pass through temporary Traffic control zones. Knowing the right type, size, and colour of warning devices is vital to ensure public safety for work to take place

Understanding the Basics & Importance Orange Road Cones

As road construction projects continue to increase across South Africa, Orange Road Cones are being utilised for temporary road projects or other areas where immediate dangers could impact drivers and pedestrians.

Orange Road Cones are lightweight, easy to transport, and highly visible in all types of weather conditions and even in low light. This makes them the perfect asset for many situations, and because of these drivers encounter Orange Road Cones more frequently than any other road signals. 

Orange Road Cones commonly come in a bright orange colour for greater visibility, but they’re also available in several bright colours like lime green. The colours should be easily seen in the inclement weather and sun.

Orange Road Cones vary in sizes depending on the placement and needs. Larger road cones are used for freeway and highway places since they help drivers that are moving at higher speeds because they help drivers identify their presence from a long distance away.

Orange Road Cones are made up of a base, which is typically black, that sits on the ground and is moulded into the slanted orange cone material. All Orange Road Cones are engineered to be hollow which makes them lightweight and prevents severe damage to vehicles or even individuals which may come them. You can invest in Orange Road Cones from Contact plastics which you can buy from

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