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Cost-effective road safety portfolio

Our road safety portfolio is diverse and ever expanding, providing temporary solutions to any road works project. Our range of plastic products is largely customizable and can be either purchased or hired from our factory in South Africa.

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Cost-effective fire safety portfolio

Our fire safety portfolio is diverse and ever expanding, providing solutions to any fire hazards and conditions.

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Trucking components to meet your needs

We have a large portfolio of plastic trucking components suitable for tankers, freight liners and small to large delivery vehicles.

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Ever expanding pest control portfolio

In the last 5 years, we have expanded our pest control product ranges due to consistent innovation. Our pest control portfolio is continually growing and covers bird and rodent prevention and control.

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Over the course of 35 years, we have produced a large portfolio of products reaching a variety of industries. Trusting in our renowned quality and good business practice, many clients approach us to manufacture unique tools for their products. Below is a selection of products which we produce in-house and which are available to the public.


  • DIP
  • FLOW

Injection Moulding

Plastic injection moulding is a high volume production method which can produce very accurately dimensioned products. We currently own many injection moulding machines, the largest of which is a 650 tonne machine for large components.

Rotational Moulding

This process involves a heated hollow mould which is filled with a charge or shot weight of LLDPE polymer. It is then slowly rotated (usually around two perpendicular axes), causing the softened material to disperse and stick to the walls of the mould.

Compression Moulding

Compression moulding is a method of moulding in which the moulding material (recycled PVC, LLDPE, PP, PU or PVA) is preheated and placed in a compression moulding cavity.

Dip Moulding

A hot mould / mandrill is dipped into a tank of plastisol.

The heat from the mould attracts the liquid vinyl and forms the part. The thickness of the part will depend on dwell time and mould temperature. The mould is then extracted and passed through an oven to cure the coating. Thereafter it is cooled and then stripped off the mould / mandrill.

Why DIP moulding?

The fundamental advantages using dip moulding and coating:

  • Low tooling costs and quick lead times
  • More vibrant colours
  • Quick and inexpensive prototypes
  • Various textures: smooth, rough, foamed ad multi-colour dipped
  • Our dip moulding portfolio covers the medical, safety, industrial and trucking industries


Our tooling workshop, 3BT is located on-site with a state-of-the-art modern tool shop.

All of our tools are made in-house by our master toolmakers. We manufacture tooling for injection moulding, compression moulding, roto moulding, dip moulding and flow moulding.

Plastic Recycling

Every plastic moulding company has a responsibility to improve their carbon footprint. As part of Contact Plastic’s commitment to sustainable development, we do not dump any waste plastic.

All plastic waste is recycled and used in other products.

Furthermore, products manufactured from our compression moulding plant are made of 100% recycled plastic.

Note: material reused 100%: flexible PVC, polypropylene, LLDPE, HDPE, polycarbonate.


Flow moulding and dip moulding are simple processes that make use of plastisol. Dip moulded products can also have textured or foamed surfaces.

As a national leader in this field, Contact Plastics has made great headway in flow moulding technology.

Our road cone plant is constantly pushing the boundaries of efficiency with the end result being a tougher and cheaper product that is also functional and easy on the eye.

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