Road works range for hire

Contact Plastics hires out according to your needs. For example, do you need to hire:            

Useful information about hiring from Contact Plastics

  • Contact Plastics can hire out from their plastics range for a weekend function or for a 6 month contract.

  • Contact Plastics hires out according to the clients needs such as road safey equipment. Prices will vary depending on rental period and plastic products hired.

 Please email Contact Plastics Gauteng at  for a quotation for queries or hiring of our plastics range.

Stand alone Delineator & Base

820mm x 520mm
Indestructable, recycled PVC base availabe in 5kg & 10kg for extra stability. Complete with locking pins.
Type D

Blade size:
250 mm x 1200 mm

Reflective size
250 mm x 1000 m

Reboundable Delineator

1075 mm x 100mm
17 kg base

Contractor’s Cone

660mm x 365mm
2.1 kg
660mm x 365mm
2.1 kg
2kg PVC base with the cone available in PE or flexible PVC. Colours: flourescent orange and luna yellow.

Contact Plastics - from prototype to production.

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