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Road Safety in South Africa

Road safety in South Africa has become increasingly difficult to maintain. Contact Plastics has an improved range of road safety products such as road cones, road barriers, wheel chocks to prevent runaway vehicles. Contact Plastics also manufactures custom design plastic products according to client design.

Common causes of traffic accidents:

  • Speeding
  • Un-roadworthy vehicles
  • Unskilled driving
  • Bad weather or road conditions

Effective speed control is more than fines and tickets, traffic calming is done effectively with speed bumps, policing and clear marking of problem or high risk areas.

It is crucial to make the driver aware of dangers on the road using traffic road cones and it is the responsibility of users and company owners to abide by the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Arrive Alive is a Road Safety initiative to reduce accidents and imporove driver performance and the Road accident fund has created a fatigue management campaign. 

Key areas in the Road accident Fund campaign are improving the visibility of pedestrians, cyclists and infrastructure interventions. For more information on the Road Accident Fund click here 

Improving the visibility of problem areas on the roads using road cones, interlocking lane dividers which are visible at night, or reboundable delineators.

Safety equipment is a legal requirement to decrease negligence and improve safety. According to the South African health and safety Acts, and employer should do everything in their ability to prevent negligence accidents. A high risk area should be made visible, prevent injuries.Contact plastics product range ensures that high risk areas and situations can be catered for.

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