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Wheel chocks, providing safety and preventing your trucks from moving away. Essential for when the vehicle is stationary for servicing, storing, loading, off loading, hitching and unhitching

A wheel chock should be around a quarter of the tyre height.

Wheel chocks should be slotted onto both sides of the wheel of the stationary vehicle and are used on trucks, vehicles and trailers. Anything with wheels that need blocking or stabilising and are critical in accident prevention from a moving vehicle, preventing the wheels from turning / rolling.

Features of Contact Plastics wheels chock


Cross section animation:

Using a cylindrical design increases the chocks integrity and strength.

Mud flaps

Protect your vehicle from mud, debris and stones getting flung up from the road onto your and other vehicles, as well as pedestrians. Flexible, long lasting and indestructible. As part of your company branding campaign, you can have your logo custom printed on the back of the mud flap. Mud especially if containing small stones, can damage the vehicle and be really difficult to remove from the vehicle, making prevention better than cure. Whether you have a truck, car or SUV, mudflaps are an essential part of your vehicle


Available in 3 custom sizes: 600mm x 600mm, 600mm x 500mm & 600mm x 400mm

Omega clamp

Keeping the parts secure, the sturdy omega clamps are resilient easy to use.

Clamp it

Long lasting and indestructible clamps.

Packaging protectors

Protect your load

Durable and flexible and enduring. Packaging protectors help to prevent damage to cargo loads in preparation for shipping and loading.

Mud guard

Guard it

Long lasting and strong, the Contact Plastic's mud guards protect your vehicle against mud splashes, stones that are flung up by the wheels protecting the truck, car or SUV from damage. Also known as Splash guards, mud guards are less flexible than mud flaps, and an essential for protecting your vehicle

Licence holders

Place the licence holder in an easy to view part or the window, easy to place, good visibility and durable.

Interlocking mats

Sturdy and resilient, helps for grip on warehouse, garage or other floors. Interlocking mats inside the truck enable the cargo to stay still during movement while protecting the inside of the truck. Interlocking mats protect the truck, floors and other surfaces for vehicle storage.

Quickly build durable flooring

Flexible, long lasting and indestructible. protect your truck’s storage surfaces.

Fire Extinguisher Box

Protect your fire extinguisher from tampering, giving you peace of mind. The fire extinguisher box is easily visible for storing your fire extinguisher.

Install this housing to hold your fire extinguisher

For complete peace of mind.

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