Bait Station Range, Rat Traps


Bait Station Range


Contact Plastics range of Bait stations include the:

Features of the Contact Plastics Bait Stations are:

Industrial strength rat traps with sensitive release mechanisms Textured flooring allowing rats to feel comfortable walking in to the box Tamper proof with custom made keys to promote children and pet safety

As per Contact Plastics policy, bait stations are strong and durable, easy to use and efficient.

Premium Multi-Purpose Bait Station


The floor of the premium multi- purpose bait station is textured and has a tamper proof locking system. For health and the safety, the bait stations have custom – made keys, making the bait station and rat trap safe around pets and children.


Regular Multi-Purpose Bait Station


The regular multi-purpose bait station comes with has a tamper proof opening and locking system, and comes complete with the interchangeable rat – trap and bait – holders. Textured flooring allows for the rats to feel more comfortable in the bait station.


Economy Bait Station


The Economy Bait Station comes with a horizontal bait holder bar, this bait station is easy to use and tamper proof.


For the Contact Plastics Bait Station catalogue please contact us or visit our online shop to view our products.

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